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AGOA Trade Works!

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AGOA Trade Works!

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AGOA Enhances Market Access to the U.S.

AGOA Enhances Market Access to the U.S. for Qualifying SSA Countries

$20.3 B

Aggregate exports to U.S. by AGOA beneficiaries - YTD to August 2022

+14% over 2021. Trade data covers only 2022 AGOA-eligible countries


$6.8 B

AGOA exports - YTD to end August 2022 (+65% versus 2021)

AGOA trade represents 32% of total U.S.-bound exports from AGOA beneficiaries. Based on 2022 eligible countries


6,500 Products

AGOA eligible tariff-lines (incl. GSP lines and textiles)

Products that have duty-free access to the United States under AGOA (subject to Rules of Origin).


35 Countries

Number of AGOA beneficiaries

African countries that currently have AGOA beneficiary status (Status: January 2022)


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How To Engage With AGOA Advisors

We invite you to engage with the AGOA Advisors by completing a brief survey.

Potential suppliers in Africa: Supplier Form

Potential buyers in the U.S.: Buyer Form

We have AGOA advisors covering every AGOA-eligible country and the U.S. Please contact us at info@vlafrica.com
The advisors provide the following assistance:
  • Guidance on how AGOA works
  • Consultation on AGOA requirements
  • Consultation on completion of AGOA documentation
VentureLift Africa can also provide referrals on trade finance, logistics, market access, buyers and supplier engagement, trade insurance and eCommerce sales.

We recently completed our phase one training of AGOA Advisors

AGOA Trade Works Media

USAID partners with VentureLift Africa: What is AGOA and How Can It Help Your Business?

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April 18, 2023

Cape Town South Africa AFCFTA Business Forum

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May 11, 2023

Buyer’s Market Fireside Chat With PVH Group

May 24, 2023

Buyer’s Market Fireside Chat With Shea Yeleen

November Events

November 2, 2023

Johannesburg South Africa AGOA Private Sector Forum

VLA Capital Advisors

We are experienced dealmakers for business transactions with Africa. We support intra and cross-border deals with Africa. With a consortium of African and Diaspora transaction advisors, trade partners, financial institutions and lawyers, we are pioneers in Diaspora economic engagement with Africa beyond remittances.
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